Hardening the surface of the metalHardening the surface of the metal


LLC Active-Nano performs research and development work in the field of new materials, nanomaterials, mechanical chemistry, and mechanical alloying. Extremely energy intensive grinding equipment is used to produce nanopatterned powders.


The company offers mineral coverings for components of friction pairs, reducing friction and wear to the minimum level allowed by the laws of physics, and also providing protection from corrosion, tearing and abrasive wear.


Technologies that make it possible to apply a covering “dry,” which makes it possible to determine the quality of the application.

The Company has the access and skills for the use of scientific methods to analyse the raw materials, the ground product and the covering

There are 80 mineral hard lubricant substances used to solve a wide range of industrial problems

Organization: LLC Active-Nano

Project manager: Galina Georgievna Chernik