Welcome to Ingria!

Ingria Business Incubator is a structural unit of St.Petersburg Technopark. Here high-tech projects receive the support which is necessary for further growth. The business incubator was established in 2008, and during that time we have helped more than 250 startups to take their first steps in the market, form a professional team, get investments and find customers. The project started in 2008 with the support of the Government of St. Petersburg and the Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovations.

Who do we work for?

For high-tech small companies aiming to commercialize innovative products and developments. Our residents can be both projects that are just making their first steps on the market and those who have already decided on the business model and are ready for investments and scaling-up of their business.

In addition, Ingria experts help technology projects solve practical issues, such as intellectual property protection, patenting, and building an effective team.

To become a resident of Ingria, please apply or submit your project at the next Startup Lynch.

How does Ingria work?

Having launched a project offering basic infrastructure for business, Ingria team realized that it takes more than just a comfortable office for a startup to be successful, and quality consulting support from professionals is also needed.

Today we offer this support as part of Ingria residency. The main advantages of the residency program include goal orientation, focus on personal contacts and networking, weekly educational activities, personal work with account managers and mentors. We help define a specific goal, set its deadlines and define outcomes.

In addition, startups can get help from Ingria in other areas by contacting the Center for Technology Transfer, or taking part in the mentoring program.

Ingria conducts weekly educational activities for startups - you can learn more about them in our schedule.

Finally, Business Incubator residents have access to equipped office space and coworking, meeting rooms and conference services.

What has been done by Ingria?

- Projects: since 2009: +250 projects

- Investments: since 2009: + 1.4 billion rubles

- Revenues: since 2009: + 2.4 billion rubles

- Events: since 2009: + 750 events

These figures are the best evidence that we have created a unique place bringing together startups, investors, mentors and experts who are ready to implement innovative ideas within real working projects.


Public relations:

- Andrey Tarshin +7 (812) 313-10-85; +7 (921) 396-02-81,

- Dmitry Klyonov +7 (812) 313-10-85; +7 (921) 552-07-43,